Security & Accuracy

Like you, we put security first.

In healthcare, data is sensitive and handling it properly is a pressing concern.

That’s why we’re careful to implement cutting-edge systems and procedures that safeguard the transmission and storage of data.

Data Encryption

Before, after, during and at every step of the way, Streamline Verify keeps all data safe with high levels of encryption.

In transit

TLS 1.2 or greater

At Rest


Confidential Data

Pre-encrypted prior to insertion and requires decryption when viewing



To keep your data safe, even our backups have backups, stored in more than one physical and secure location.

Encrypted Data

We put security first, always. All data encryption methods mentioned above apply to our stored backup data.

Real-Time Backups

If necessary, we can restore your system to any point in time, so business can continue as usual.

Verify Everything. Miss Nothing.

At Streamline Verify, we work tirelessly to improve the effectiveness, scope, and quality of our matching capabilities.

Physical Security

Physical defenses play a vital role in keeping your data safe. At Streamline Verify, we employ the ISO 27001 standard, a systematic approach that addresses all three pillars of information security: people, processes and technology.

From our offices to our cloud infrastructure to the hardware we use, our team works tirelessly, adhering to strict processes and securely implementing the latest technology.

Restricted Access

For security, access to the application is restricted to the USA only. To further control access to your Streamline Verify account, you can limit application access to specific, white listed IP addresses.

Additionally, all data processing and storage is done in the USA only.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

To help you control access efficiently while still maintaining the highest levels of security, Streamline Verify can be added to any system’s SSO (ex. Microsoft AD, LDAP ) via SAML 2.0.

Password Security

We can customize password security levels to match your internal policies.

Certified Secure

Our SOC 2 certification is a testimony to our commitment to security. Additionally, we implement both Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans to proactively keep the system secure.

Trusted for Accuracy.

Work smarter, not harder, with our proven processes:

Real-Time Data

Our system checks & synchronizes with the primary source data hourly, 24 hours a day.

Data Normalization

Our algorithms streamline the process of data formatting via advance data scrubbing of exclusion lists, ensuring clean, quality data for you.

Meticulous Verification

We’re constantly testing and reviewing the performance & accuracy of our system against all databases to ensure our application remains error-free.

Data Integration

Our system supports automatic data feeds from your system directly into the application.

Data Validation

Our system validates data instantly, saving you time and ensuring accurate results. If any inaccuracies are found, you’re alerted immediately.


Our systems check for name diminutives to ensure the broadest matching possibilities.

Our system can search multiple name pairs and include maiden names, name changes, etc.
Our system delivers results based on NPI# and UPIN even when name matches are not found, thus guaranteeing the highest level of matching capability.
By using methods such as cross-referencing DOB and frequency term analysis, our algorithm helps prevent false positive matches from appearing in the search results, thus making the resolution process more efficient.

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Our Culture

We build the best, so you can perform at your best.

Trusted for Good Reason

  • ✓ Guaranteed accurate
  • ✓ Certified Secure
  • ✓ Audit Proof
  • ✓ Feature-rich reporting
  • ✓ Round the clock real-time-data
  • ✓ Processing fully automated

Security First

  • ✓ Cloud hosted
  • ✓ Encrypted data
  • ✓ Real-time backups

Trusted for Accuracy

  • ✓ Physical security
  • ✓ Restricted access
  • ✓ Single sign-on
  • ✓ Password security
  • ✓ Certified secure
  • ✓ Cross checking




Average workload reduction by implementing the Streamline Verify program



Establishments trust Streamline Verify nationwide



Serving the healthcare industry’s unique compliance needs since 2011



Setting standards with hourly synchronization to primary source data