THE Team

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” – Jim Collins

“Visionaries see the invisible, believe in the impossible, and create the extraordinary”

Joe Stefansky

CEO & Founder

Pioneering the healthcare technology sector for over 20 years, Joe, the founder and CEO of Streamline Verify, is heralded for his trailblazing innovation and extraordinary dedication to automated efficiencies. Known for his client-obsessed approach, Joe has ingeniously transformed compliance workflows and processes. Leveraging his keen sense for intuitiveness and simplicity, he revolutionizes the use of the latest automation technology to the client interface in the Healthcare Compliance & Credentialing sectors. Through his unwavering leadership and dedication to surpassing expectations, Joe consistently propels the industry forward setting new industry standards in automated compliance workflows.

“Success is not a solitary journey; it’s the collective triumph of a team that thrives on collaboration”

Steven Grossman

Director of Business Development

Steven plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth. With deep industry understanding, he shapes strategic initiatives and leverages his expertise to propel the organization forward. His sharp sense of customer pain points and dedication to delivering exceptional software make him an invaluable asset. Streamline Verify benefits from Steven’s industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and commitment to excellence.

“Attention to detail and unwavering focus pave the path to excellence”

Jeff Josefovic

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff combines over a decade of software industry experience with a profound understanding of user needs to consistently drive operational efficiency. Known for his innovative implementation strategies and user-centric focus, Jeff boosts client satisfaction and inspires our teams to continually evolve our platform in the fast-paced digital landscape.

“Passion for technology and programming fuels innovation, one line of code at a time."

Eliyahu Hershfeld

Chief Technology Officer

Eliyahu is a luminary in software craftmanship, who contributes over two decades of industry experience underscored by an acute specialization in security. As a paragon of perfection and a staunch advocate for client satisfaction, his tireless dedication, fortified by a steadfast love for coffee, elevates our system quality and performance to exceptional standards. His fervor for technology and coding ignites innovation, sculpting unprecedented advancements – one line of code at a time.

“Creativity is the spark that illuminates the path of limitless possibilities”

Morris Franco

Chief Marketing Officer

Morris brings a unique blend of creativity and innovation to communicate the essence of our brand accurately. Utilizing his marketing acumen, he ensures clients have a clear understanding of our Streamlined Verify solution. His strategic campaigns resonate with our clientele, effectively showcasing what’s in store and setting accurate expectations. In a world where details matter, nothing is missed under Morris’s vigilant and creative leadership.

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”

Mark Kovalenko

Director of Sales

Mark is a seasoned sales professional who brought immediate value to Streamline Verify when he joined in 2021. Utilizing his extensive expertise, he has introduced unique strategies to increase the company’s market footprint. His steadfast commitment to excellence makes him a crucial driving force behind ongoing growth.

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