Our Data Science profiling capabilities is designed to eliminate false positives and all manual work. It paves the way for a new generation of Exclusion Screening.

State Medicaid Sanction Lists

Alabama Medicaid Suspended Providers
Alaska Medicaid Program Integrity

Provider Suspensions and Terminations (azahcccs.gov)

Arkansas Department of Human Services Excluded Provider List

California Suspended and Ineligible Provider List
Colorado Terminated Provider List
Connecticut Quality Assurance Administrative Actions List

Delaware Medicaid Excluded Providers

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Public Record Search

Georgia OIG Exclusions List
Hawaii Provider Exclusion Reinstatement List
Idaho Medicaid Providers
Illinois Sanctions List
Indiana Termination of Provider Participation in Medicaid and CHIP

Iowa Medicaid Program Integrity

Kansas Medicaid Program Integrity

Kentucky Provider Terminated and Excluded Provider List
Louisiana State Adverse Actions List
Michigan List of Sanctioned Providers

Maryland MMA Providers and Other Entities Sanctioned List

Massachusetts Suspended Or Excluded Masshealth Providers
Maine List of Excluded Individuals
Mississippi Provider Terminations
Minnesota Excluded Provider Lists
Missouri Provider Sanctions

Montana Excluded or Terminated Medicaid Providers

Nebraska Medicaid Sanctioned Providers
Nevada Provider Exclusions and Sanctions

New Hampshire Medicaid Provider Exclusion and Sanction List

New Jersey Consolidated Debarment Report
New Jersey Debarment List

New York Medicaid Exclusions

North Carolina Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

North Dakota Medical Services Fraud and Abuse


Ohio Medicaid Provider Exclusion and Suspension List

Oregon Health Plan

Pennsylvania Medicheck (precluded Providers) List
South Carolina Excluded Providers

Texas OIG Exclusions

Tennessee Program Integrity
Vermont Provider Services

Washington HCA Provider Termination and Exclusion List

Washington DSHS Provider Termination and Exclusion List

Washington DC Excluded Parties List
West Virginia Medicaid Provider Sanctioned and Exclusion

Wyoming Medicaid

Licensing Lists

State Licensing Boards


Board Certifications

Miscellaneous Sanction Lists

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Understanding OIG Exclusions

OIG Exclusions Screening Process

Exclusion FAQS

Quick OIG Exclusion Basics

Employing Excluded Individuals

Consequences to Employing an Excluded Individual

OIG Compliance Law

Laws and Publications on OIG Compliance

More Compliance Resources

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