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Streamline Verify collects largest stockpile of plasma in the US

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7000 SF

Office Space converted to Blood Bank


Weeks of Plasma Drives


Potential Lives Saved


Plasma Units Collected


Published Research Paper

SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence & Symptom Onset in Culturally Linked Communities Across Multiple Regions in the United States

About this study: This cross-sectional study of culturally linked adults across the US found that socioculturally bound communities experienced early parallel outbreaks in discrete locations, notably prior to substantive medical and governmental directives.

Further research should clarify optimal national, local, community-based, and government policies to prevent outbreaks in social and cultural communities that traditionally gather for holidays, assemblies, and festivals.


COVID-19’s First & Largest Observational Study Group for Antibodies

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Not just an undertaking.
A mission.

For over a decade

Streamline Verify has protected the healthcare industry and its patients through compliance, ensuring quality of care throughout the healthcare system.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis

The importance of compliance has taken on new meaning. Compliance to safety best practices such as social distancing and cleaning processes are making the difference between life and death.

Now, as society prepares to return to normalcy

Again, it is compliance to official guidance that will ensure the safety of all.

Antibody testing shows strong potential to help us overcome so many challenges this pandemic has brought us. Positive results can be used to label an individual less at risk to the virus and less of a threat and serve as a warning to those who test negative to proceed with caution.

Protecting communities.
Moving testing & research forward.

Through testing, we’ve gathered data samples that provide unprecedented insights and an invaluable contribution to medical research.

Multiple institutions will be studying blood sample results using the comprehensive data points gathered. These findings will be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that will help generations to come.


blood samples collected


individual surveys completed

7 Labs

to report findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications

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